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Well Mommy was this close to adopting a Maltese sister for me but lost out to some family in Orlando. Ah well more for me, right! :). I know the right sister is out there somewhere just waiting for me. We’ll keep looking.

We found and made a page featuring none other than ME! Check out my page at You can also check out all the other canine lovelies on the website but only after you have checked out MY page first :). I am still enjoying my new found shampoo, some kind of strawberry milk-bath shampoo. It leaves me smelling wonderful and the cologne that mom sprays on me after I am all clean and dry allows me to smell great for a whole week. I like my bath time and all but I still don’t like having my hair up in a top knot. I know my hair is long but I like it in my face, it makes me feel free. Mommy puts it up so that my hair doesn’t get in my food or water but that doesn’t bother me.

Have a great weekend. Until next time…..woof!

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