Yuki’s 4th Birthday!

Yuki's attempt at not posing

Photo courtesy: © 2011 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.


Today is Yuki’s 4th birthday! We can hardly believe it. I still remember when he came to live with us. It was Christmas 2006 and he was just 9 months old then. Yuki have always been and still remains a sweet, lovable, caring, and wonderful dog. I say caring because he takes good care of Kaia and makes her more comfortable everyday. He is a fine playmate who even allows himself to be bossed around. But he is also pampered and dare I say spoiled but of course I’ll say that he doesn’t show a bit of it :).

Today will be a special spa day for Yuki and we’ll definately include Kaia. I’ve finally purchased a special bath hose for their baths and I’m sure that he’ll appreciate this better than the cup I’ve been using to scoop water to wash him with. And I’ve even got a new cool dryer to use instead of the one that blows the too hot air. That he’ll like better I’m sure. Even a special dinner is in the works today. Of course though it’s all about Yuki today, Kaia will also be a big part of his day; we could never leave her out. I’m sure whatever we do will make him happy and I’ll report on how he enjoyed his birthday.

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