New Year, Still Pampered Pooches

Yuki & Kaia
© 2011 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

They are Maltese, thru and thru, though one is mixed (hence the brown spots) and one is a pure blood. I can’t begin to tell you how very blessed we are to have these two wonderful and loving pooches in our lives. Kaia has blossomed into the dog I knew she was all along. She just needed a loving family and home to make her feel safe and wanted. Yuki is just a good, even-tempered dog and I’m thrilled he’s taken Kaia under his wing (so to speak) and made her feel right at home. He’s respectful — waiting for her to finish eating before he takes over her plate — and makes sure he knows where she is at all times.

Kaia sleeping comfortably
© 2011 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

Photo courtesy: © 2011 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

I know she’s comfortable because she’s been sleeping on her back. She would only sleep on her side when she first came to live with us but as time went by, she’s more comfortable and seems to understand that where ever we go, she will also. That is a nice feeling. Earlier in the year Kaia suffered a set back due to tartar problems inherent in all maltese but affects the pure blood ones most, she’s lost 11 more teeth (she’d just lost 7 before I adopted her). But watching her chomp and chew her way through greenies, other food, and toys, you’d never know it. Her resilience shined through and she was back to normal in no time, bossing Yuki around, even biting and pulling his ears.

You might wonder why I keep their hair long, well when I adopted them their hair was a sight to behold, especially Kaia. I realized quickly that Maltese dogs don’t like their hair short at least not these two. They are better with long hair, believe me. Of course I’m the one who grooms them both. I’ve tried groomers in the past but the breaking point was when I had to pay $100 to heal Kaia after a groomer cut the pad on her paw and she was unable to walk on that foot. I was determined to never again subject either of them to that horror. Plus I was a second away from strangling the groomer. It’s simply too stressful when Yuki or Kaia is sick or hurt and you realize there is nothing you can do without taking them to the vet; a helpless feeling I don’t want to experience too often.

Yuki & Kaia
© 2011 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

Yuki and Kaia have become inseparable, which is a good thing because not only do they protect each other but are happy to be each other’s company. Of course, Kaia has her independent streak which is on daily display but that’s what makes her unique. She doesn’t need to be constantly cuddled like Yuki and she does march to the beat of her own drum even going off on her own to sleep. I suspect its because her body temperature rises faster and she’s often hot, choosing to cool down on the tiled floor spread-eagled instead of being in your lap. When we leave and return, she demands to be greeted first though she does bring you a toy in greeting. She has begun to adapt some of Yuki’s ways like waiting patiently to be fed and not entering the kitchen unless called. But there are times when her impatience wins and she boldly steps into the kitchen to sit by your feet and watch you prepare the meal.

All in all, Yuki & Kaia have had a wonderful, blessed year. They are happy, healthy, well-adjusted, providing their owners with oodles of joy and unconditional love.

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