Yuki’s 5th Birthday


Photo courtesy: © 2011 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

Another birthday has come and gone for 5 year old  Yuki and he’s still the same sweet, caring, lovable dog. I had no choice but to take him and Kaia to update their rabies vaccinations and get new county licenses, but he was a trooper through it all. Both Yuki and Kaia behaved well even though there were a lot of other dogs around, I was more than pleased. It was a day of pampering for both dogs.

Yuki has taken Kaia under his wing from the moment they first met. Now he makes sure to keep her in sight or knows exactly where she is at all times or else he gets frantic if he can’t find her and beseeches hubby or myself to help look for her.

There are times when their playing gets rambunctious, I mean she’s barking some order to him, he’s choosing to ignore and she doesn’t stop until they’re literally chasing each other through the house. This usually ends with Yuki giving in but they have fun.

We enjoy seeing them together and how much they protect each other and their humans. And yes, we can’t help spoiling Yuki, he is indeed a wonderful dog who always insist on his belly rubs.

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