Kaya’s 7th Birthday

Photo courtesy: © 2011-2020 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

The day started with a phone reminder all too early, 3am to be exact, it was Kaya’s 7th birthday. I can hardly believe she’s been with us 2 years already but yes, she has and we’re still so thrilled with her. She was treated to a spa session complete with massage, and baking soda/oatmeal bath & condition that will leave her smelling wonderful and her hair soft. She’s grown to love us as much as we love her and has become the very best companion for Yuki.

Kaya has watched and learned from Yuki, so now not only is she no longer afraid of thunder, she has surpassed Yuki and strolls around even when the vacuum is on. She’s not afraid to let you know when she needs to be cleaned and even demands to be paid in treats. She confidently patrols the glass door that looks over the back yard and into the next street and let everyone know in a stern tone that frolicking too close is definitely not tolerated.

Now she races outside with Yuki no matter if she needs to go or not and will even rush up to big dogs to say hi or chase anything that moves against her liking. Still, she remains her own person, bossing Yuki around, and demanding attention when necessary. Kaya is a bundle of joy, and a ton of love in a small package. We love her and will continue to spoil her no matter what.

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