2012 – Happy New Year

Yuki & Kaia Christmas 2011
© 2011-2020 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

@ 2011-2020 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

While are on the cusp of bidding adieu to 2011 and bonjour to 2012, we cannot forget all the fun things that we’ve done throughout the year. We’ve been showered with presents, celebrated our birthdays, enjoyed the love and attention from our humans, and stayed healthy throughout the year. Yet nothing brings us more joy than knowing that no matter what, we are and always will be a family. That’s right, a family.

Our humans couldn’t live without us. Who else will put up with their wild and sometimes weird ways? They come and go at all hours of the day and night. Yet being in our company calms their nervous energy and bring them back to focus on reality – us. This always translates to big fun and lots of treats.

Kaia and I are like two peas in a pod. Though sometimes the literal sense can wear on me, but I know she means well. She’s very protective but my quiet, smooth charm usually relaxes her and she’s definately not bad on the eyes. Yup, that’s my gal.

Alright I know, we couldn’t live without our humans either. They give us wonderful belly rubs, warm fragrant baths, and cook us scrumptious, hearty meals. I know a shelter is a temporary home, that’s where we adopted Kaia, but it isn’t any way to live. We hope all those dogs that were given for Christmas will be loved and well taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Dogs don’t speak human but we have feelings and we’re pretty sure you can understand us quite well. Our humans do. Kaia and I smile, frown, and shine our brilliant onyx lookers and voila, our humans do their best to figure it out and give us what we need. In return, we snuggle close when they’re upset, keep a vigilant watch when they’re sick, and scarf down our tasty meals. Yes, its the art of give and take and we do it well.

We look forward to all the tasty treats, playful toys, and snuggle time we’ll have together in 2012. Here’s wishing all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year filled with a loving family and forever home.


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