Happy 6th Birthday to Yuki

© 2011 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

Today is Yuki’s 6th birthday. My how time flies. I remember him coming to live with us when he wasn’t quite 9 months old yet. Now he’s 6 years old, an adult! I still believe he’s a reincarnation of my past dog Fidel who’d died before we could see each other again. Fidel was loved and well cared for and Mommy, bless her soul, gave him a good funeral.

I say reincarnation because both dogs shared big brown spots in much the same design and places on their bodies. Yet while Fidel was a German shepherd mix and a big dog, Yuki is a Maltese mix and a small dog. But the temperament of both dogs are much the same – calm, playful, and serene but can be fiery if needs be.

Yuki has brought lots of love and joy to our household. He’s a wonderful, loving, cuddly dog who’s patience and kindness is an awesome site to behold. I’m happy each and every day to see his face, feel his love, and knowing that I can return his feelings by giving him healthy cooked meals, take him on walks he enjoys, pamper him with scented baths and the like, and give him all the treats and belly rubs he desires.

Everyday I’m reassured that no matter what, I’m loved, appreciated, and needed. Yes, all this from a dog no less. My Yuki, my precious, here’s hoping you’ll see many, many more birthdays.

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