Kaya’s 8th Birthday

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Oh dear, can’t believe I forgot to post about Kaya’s birthday on April 10th, the day she was born. But I do have an explanation.

A few days before Kaya’s birthday, on April7th to be exact, I’d taken both her and Yuki to get their yearly shots at the pet store — no I won’t say which one, there’s no one to blame. Anyway, because she was under 10lbs the doctor felt it was best to give her Benadryl to counteract any bad reaction she might have from the vaccines. I’m inclined to think they might have given her too much Benadryl, though I can’t say for sure, because Kaya didn’t recover until five days later.

Well you can just imagine how very worried I was. Kaya was more lethargic than I’d ever seen her before, her shoulder blades were swollen, her appetite waned, and she couldn’t get up or down the stairs on her own. Luckily she’d only received half of the shots that day. Still, we had an appointment in two weeks to finish up the vaccines. I knew if Kaya wasn’t any better by then, I’d have to take her to the regular vet who has been treating both her and Yuki for years.

On Kaya’s birthday, I carried on as planned with a few modifications. The special grooming was delayed but I treated both her and Yuki to a new food recipe. And while Yuki ate his food and waited for Kaya’s left overs, I was right there to feed her when she got too tired to stand and do it on her own. When Kaya looked up at me, I felt those expressive, ebony eyes of hers relayed her gratefulness at having me there. Once or twice she wouldn’t go potty if she couldn’t see me waiting a few feet away.

On the morning of the fourth day after their vaccines, hubby stayed home and I asked him to prepare a special meal of boiled eggs with beef for both Yuki and Kaya. Though Yuki hadn’t shown any signs like Kaya, I’d hoped that this meal would give them both the strength they needed.  Hubby later reported that Kaya made it downstairs, ate well, and went potty all by herself.

By the time I reached home that evening, Kaya was almost back to her old self.  Though it still pained her to go upstairs, she refused to give up and mastered those stairs one at a time. We rejoiced loudly, she wagged her tail profusely. We are thankful she pulled through completely, but it wasn’t without lots of prayers and tender loving care from hubby and myself. A great birthday present indeed!

Important note:  Both Yuki and Kaya always get their yearly shots, but each dog reacts to those vaccines differently. Benadryl has the tendency to make any dog lethargic depending on the amount the animal receives. Since no one knows if it was just the Benadryl or a combination of the vaccines and Benadryl that caused Kaya’s body to react that way, I cannot consciously point the finger at or lay the blame on anyone. The vets that come to these pet stores to administer pet vaccinations, all do their very best to provide a necessary service to pets and their owners. It would be unconscionable for me to cause any unnecessary rukus.

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