Grooming 101

after bath & grooming
©2012 Chelle Ang. All right reserved

Whenever I show a picture of Yuki and Kaia, I get the expected oohs and aahhs and the constant question “how do you manage to keep their hair so white, clean, and well groomed?” My response, “Patience, and lots of it.”

Kaia during grooming
©2012 Chelle Ang. All right reserved

This is Kaia and Yuki during grooming today after I’d brushed out the knots and tangles. While she doesn’t mind her photo being taken, he doesn’t like it and fights me every step of the way so this was a surprise for me to get a full frontal, sit-up photo.

These particular Maltese dogs don’t like to have short hair. I know, I’ve tried to shorten their hair a time or two and they weren’t happy and let me know it. Plus hubby likes their long hair and I must admit, so do I.

Yuki during grooming
©2012 Chelle Ang. All right reserved

Indeed I’ve never been one to follow what “the experts” say because no one, unless you’re a certified and licensed veterinarian, can know about my dogs more than I do. I pay special attention to all their needs so much so that I can tell when something is amiss just by their actions. However grooming is one of those things I had to learn by trial and error.

After the last grooming fiasco where I ended up paying a $100 vet bill to heal Kaia’s injured paw from a groomer’s injury, I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands and groom Yuki and Kaia myself. It took time to learn, but the process if far from being perfected. I had to figure out what shampoo was good for their skin and hair, and eventually found oatmeal shampoo to be the best. Then I wondered if conditioner was necessary – yes it is, trust me. And as their hair grew, I figured out the easiest hair styles to do. Of course it helped that I’m already a cosmetologist by trade, though after 12 years of constantly being on my feet, I finally threw in the towel in 2005 and have never looked back since. Now I only practice my craft on myself and the dogs.

dog grooming hair elastics
©2012 Chelle Ang. All right reserved

I’ve found these hair elastic bands are wonderful for keeping Yuki and Kaia’s hair out of their eyes and mouth. I get them in every color so I can have choices.

Take the time to learn about the grooming needs of your dog. You’ll be surprised at the bond between the two of you and what you can tell by just their actions alone.

Happy grooming!

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