Hurricane Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Yuki & Kayaphoto-2

© 2013 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

Yuki & Kaya are important to our family which is why we find it necessary to include them in all our safety plans.  Now that the 2012 hurricane season (June 1 – Nov 30) is upon us here in the land of warmth and sunshine, it is imperative to revisit or develop your disaster plan.

At the start of any hurricane or tornado season, it is necessary to prepare your PSK –  Pet Survival Kit preferably in a waterproof container, and store it in a place that’s easily accessible.

Your Pet Survival Kit should contain any items that pertains to your pets. A two week supply of  food, water, medications, treats, training pads, cat litter, and cleaning supplies will help to keep somewhat of a normal routine. Sometimes the simple part of any routine can help to soothe the nervous of pets and their owners.

Don’t forget to include pet identifiers  such as:

  • medical records
  • rabies certificate
  • county license id tag
  • tattoo or microchip number
  • a photo of you and your pet

All of theses items are useful in case you and your pets become separated. This information will make it easier for you to be reunited with your pets.

Few other things to also have on hand are:

  • your pet’s veterinarian’s phone number
  • a comfortable pet carrier or crate
  • extra collars and leashes
  • water and food bowls
  • toys to keep your pets occupied
  • litter pan
  • pads or disposable trays
  • and a blanket which can be used to calm or retrieve a scared pet.

Remember, plan carefully to help keep yourself and your pets safe throughout any hurricane or tornado season.

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