Birthday Celebrations


© 2013-2020 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

Today is Kaya’s 9th birthday!

I remember when she first came to live with us, how timid and shy she was and she didn’t know how to walk on grass. Now, she is a vibrant, well adjusted dog who protects the house and its occupants by patrolling the sliding glass doors and alerting us to anything and anyone she doesn’t find worthy.

Kaya is known to boss her playmate Yuki around, even taking away any toy he’s playing with at the moment and keeping him on the other side of the house until she’s deemed his behavior good enough to join us.

She knows full well how to get my attention, demand her treats, and get the affection she desires. Kaya continues to be a joyous addition to our family and we are all lucky she chose us.


© 2013-2020 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

On March 13th, we celebrated Yuki’s 7th birthday!

When I first got the phone call about the possibility of adopting Yuki, I was immediately eager to meet him. There was no real description given just that he was a small, pocket dog. I didn’t know what to expect but I hoped to be able to keep him.

Well, when Yuki arrived on my doorstep, he exuded such a surety and confidence that this was his new home that it was inevitable he would stay with us. Of course,  the moment I laid eyes on him I knew without a doubt this was my dog and he was home. Upon meeting us for the first time, Yuki gravitated to me and I to him and we’ve been inseparable since then.

Yuki has remained a kind, gentle dog with lots of love to give. All he asks in return is for your affection which I have no problem giving.

We are lucky, hubby and I, to have two special dogs in Kaya and Yuki. And we hope they’ll be here with us for a long, long, time.

Happy birthday Kaya!

Happy belated birthday Yuki!

We love you!!

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