Kaia teaching Yuki a lesson

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My two wonderful companions have given me many hours of laughter and continue to make me smile especially when I have had a rough day at work. Kaia is getting more and more comfortable as time goes by but she still bosses Yuki around. On the other hand, Yuki is a lover not a fighter. He allows her to get away most times with bossing him around.

However, they are fiercely protective of each other and is adamant about not letting anyone they don’t know get too close. This I am thrilled about but they are sweethearts nonetheless. By now we humans -hubby and I- are well trained, but are kept in line whenever we step off the path. I love my dogs, no matter what.

How insensitive!

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So I took Kaya (and Yuki) to La Bone Aventure a few weeks ago for grooming. When I picked up both dogs, I noticed that Kaya could not stand on her left hind leg. I asked Chris, one of the owners about her leg and he said that her leg must have fallen asleep. I accepted his answer and took them home. However after an hour or so of observing her trying to use her leg and not being able to, I called Chris at La Bone and asked for an investigation into the matter. He said he would speak with his wife and call me back. Chris called back and said that he looked at the tapes of her grooming but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. But, I reminded him, there’s still a problem, Kaya cannot use her leg. I told Chris that if by tomorrow (Friday) she’s still unable to use her leg, I would take her to the vet and let him know the diagnosis and outcome. He agreed that would be alright.

Sure enough, the next morning, Friday, Kaya was still not using her leg. Now I was really worried. So before I launched into panic mode, I rushed Kaya to the vet. The vet examined her and found that the large pad on her paw was cut and swollen. He said that it could have happened one of two ways, (1) either her leg was caught in the crate and she pulled to get free, or (2) when the groomer was cutting her nails, the machine grated her paw. We were both inclined to believe the latter since that was the most obvious, and because Chris assured me that all the crates had padding on the bottom where the dogs sit/lay. The vet gave Kaya a long-acting, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injection and asked that I contact him tomorrow (Saturday) to let him know how she was doing after 24 hours. Only I did not have to wait 24 hours because immediately after receiving the shot, Kaya was able to put her leg on the ground and walk around albeit timidly, but she was walking. That cost me $100.

So after leaving the vet, I called Chris at La Bone and told him what the examination revealed and the vet’s prognosis. Instead of apologising, he got upset because he thought the vet was blaming him! Well, the nerve of him! I took my dogs in for grooming with both of them walking on all fours, I do expect to get them back the same way. Of course the fault of my dog’s injury lies with Chris and La Bone Aventure! Usually his wife grooms my dogs but not this time, they were turned over to a new groomer and therein lies the problem. I have decided, and with my husband’s blessing, that I will continue to groom both dogs like I did before. I’ll just have to purchase a grooming dryer to help make the process more manageable.

In the end, Chris and La Bone Aventure did not take responsibility for injuring my dog. He didn’t even have the decency to reimburse me for her medical treatment. I will NEVER take my dogs back to La Bone Aventure Pet Spa for grooming!


It’s now been several weeks since the incident and Kaya has been able to use her leg fully though there are times when her paw gets a little tender. So far so good.

Growing stronger

The bond between Yuki and Kaia is still growing and getting stronger day by day and for that I am glad. I know that Kaia is getting more comfortable with her surroundings since she has taken to copying most things that Yuki does like going under the bed and sleeping on her back. She is even more playful and doesn’t mind rolling on her back before she would put up a fight to not be on her back.

I have continued to cook for them– now instead of baking the chicken I boil it then pick it apart, mix it with a little white rice and some crushed peas and carrots.

I found a new, financial economic, groomer that did a wonderful job on both dogs. They were both happy when I picked them up especially since they got the royal treatment and soon it will be time to take them again.

Kaia still lets everyone within earshot know that she is in charge whenever we go outside for their daily walks/potty moments. She has proven to be quite fearless with the way she sometimes take off to confront the neighbors but I am still determined to train her to be without her leash sometimes. I don’t want her or I to be totally dependent on the leash though I know that it is necessary. I think I am the only dog owner who absolutely dislike leashes and cages. I don’t and refuse to own cages or crates for the sole purpose of putting my dogs into them when we leave the house. Probably the only way I will use one is if I have to travel on a plane and then I know that I will find the airline that will allow me to pay for an extra seat so that my dogs don’t have to be treated like cargo which they most certainly are NOT!

My dogs are very important to us because they give us unconditional love and appreciation. Just the sight of their precious faces and their tails wagging put a smile on my face and allow me to start my day off beautifully. What would we do without them, my little bundles of joy and inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚