Three Month Review

July 17th, 2008 officially marks three months that Kaia has been with us. She is totally at ease and knows her way around the place. She still doesn’t like children or strangers and constantly barks when she is outside, but that is okay with us.

She still gets startled easily so that makes her bark especially when the neighbour slams their front door and it reverberates through our walls. She absolutely dislikes lightning because as soon as she hears it she runs and hide. She still follows me around but I don’t mind at least I know that she is comfortable with us.

Yuki and her are still best buds and are still growing ever so close to the point where they whine and cry if you seperate them. The even have to sleep close to each other (see photo) and that is absolutely a good thing. Of course if one barks the other one joins in but that’s okay too since you can never have too much security :).

Her potty training is coming along nicely and now she lets you know that she has done something on the pad as she comes to get you wiggling heavily and wagging her tail at a furious pace. There are still times when she completely misses the pad as she does walk and poo (go figure!) but more times than not she is right on the pad. Kaia is also getting the hang of going outside.

Yuki, on the other hand is so sweet and calm and he was quite taken with Kaia from the first introduction. At times he initiates play with her and if we have her in our arms and he wants to play he will whine for us to put her down. They seem very protective of each other and us. I keep Yuki’s hair long and I am trying to grow Kaia’s as well because we see no reason to shave them within an inch of their lives especially since they are single coat dogs and are mostly inside. I don’t have any problem bathing them, I enjoy it and so do they, after it is all done and they smell and look clean of course.

Yuki came to us already potty trained to go outside so he has continued to do so. Of course you know when something is ary since he won’t go to the area of the mishap and that is another way for me to know that there is something for me to clean up. I am glad that in their own way they are able to communicate and we are able to understand.

In this age of suing everyone for the slightest thing I have become more protective of my dogs as I will not let anyone that they are not used to approach them, especially children as they absolutely do not know how to greet or treat dogs. Why is it that people constantly ask me if the dogs bite? Don’t they know that all dogs have a tendency to bite no matter what!

Like Two Peas in a Pod

No one who had never known these dogs would believe that they came from different places. They are so close to one another that sometimes I am amazed. I could ask for nothing more from these two wonderful pets. They constantly bring joy and laughter to the entire household. Kaia (the smaller one) is holding her own and she matches Yuki step for step. She has even been known to boss him around a time or two.

Though they are of the same breed, they are entirely two different dogs. For instance, Yuki is a picky eater but Kaia is always and forever ready to eat. Of course I have seen instances where she gets to the food and decides that it is not to her liking. I am still changing up their food as they do seem to get bored with the same thing over and over. I know this by the decision they make to eat or not. Kaia’s breath is still kicking but it is indeed getting better. She is still being re-potty trained and is also doing stellar in that area. She has gotten used to being touched so much so that she now comes to you without being called. Like Yuki, Kaia is always happy to see us when we come home and in between playing with and bossing around Yuki, she tries to spend all her time in our company.

She has even taught Yuki a thing or two. She seems to always be ready whenever you have a camera pointed in her direction and in that way she has allowed Yuki to find some patience for our constant camera snap-happiness. I have no doubt that she was waiting for us to adopt her because I cannot tell you how many times I have been disappointed in my quest to adopt a playmate for Yuki. She has come into all our lives at a wonderful time and has given Yuki something that we couldn’t, constant doggie companionship. We love them both dearly.

Cover Girl

So Kaia has become quite the cover girl. Who knew that she would actually sit still long enough for you to take her picture. The attached shot is proof of her patience for the photographer and her knack of ‘giving good face’. A true cover girl if I do say so myself.

She has come a long way from when we first adopted her. She is eating well, taking direction well, she still does not like too many people so she barks telling them to keep their distance, she is doing well with potty training and the only thing I can complain about is her breath, woo. I will be buying C.E.T for her and definately taking both her and Yuki to the vet this weekend for a check up even though she got a clean bill of health about two weeks ago but that was from the vet that the humane society used. For my peace of mind I am taking her to a real vet who will no doubt give me the true diagnosis.

Yuki and Kaia are still getting along like two peas in a pod though at times she tries to control him and barks when she doesn’t get her way but what female doesn’t?

The Adventures of Yuki & Kaya

So it’s been a full two weeks since we adopted the lovely Kaia into our hearts and home ( the larger of the two is Yuki, Kaia is the small one) and I have to say that she has been nothing but a joy. We are still teaching her how to go potty outside but we realize that it is a work in progress and nothing can or will be done overnight.ย Hubby learned that the hard way because now he has to work twice as hard trying to win back Kaia’s trust. You see, he made the fatal mistake of yelling after Kaia one day when she missed the pad altogether and went potty in his den. After he yelled at her she all but disappeared under the dinner table and no amount of coaxing from him would bring her out. I on the other hand could easily bring her out. So I gave hubby some tips, like, to win her trust again, he needs to start teaching her some commands and as she accomplishes each command, he needs to give her a tasty treat so that she can associate him with good things. Well this has worked rather well because she is now spending more time with him. Since then, and after a stern talking to from me, he has realized that being calm and relocating his patience is best. Funny enough, he is the calmer of the two of us so I can’t for the life of me understand what would make him go off the deep end. But as he explains it, he expected her to be like Yuki – a dog who already understands exactly what we want from him. Well I just had to break it down for him like I would for a four-year-old and remind him where she came from and what could have possibly been her past life. After my explanation, it seemed like something clicked and he understood immediately that it would take time to get her trained to our liking. And yes, he did locate his lost patience.

As for being a good playmate for Yuki, she has taken to nipping at his front paws or ears whenever she wants to play, he gives in and off they go playing until they are both panting terribly. A few times I have had to intervene because I realize that Yuki desperately wants time to catch his breath and she is not letting up. Otherwise, I don’t interfere unless he is trying to mount her or someone needs time to breathe. They seem to adore each other because he has allowed her to take his toys and drink his water and oohh that is indeed rare. Since Yuki already has good habits I see that Kaya is trying to follow him and for the most part that has worked out quite well. Emperor Yuki has indeed found his Empress. ๐Ÿ™‚

Suffice it to say, Empress Kaia has been doing just stellar in her efforts to understand what we want and as hubby works with her one on one he is beginning to realize just what a great companion she is for Yuki and a great dog for us as well. She has mastered walking on grass so much so that she goes outside barking, er, heralding to all that she is now present and not to come too near. Her barking has sometimes worked against her though because she seems to forget what she is outside to do walk and yes- go potty! So every now and then we take the dogs outside separately to go potty and she has gone the full potty round outside a few times already. Today hubby tells me that Kaya pooed on and off the pad and because she thought he would scream at her, she bolted downstairs but hubby was smart enough to turn it around and praised Kaya for what she did get on the pad. Hearing him praise her instead of scream made her go back to him and revel in the praise she was getting. Nice work hubby, if I do say so myself. Of course we are still leaving the pad upstairs right outside the room where she and Yuki sleeps to remind her where she should go potty and we have also put another pad downstairs in front of the front door and she knows to go on that one as well. It is just up to us now to get her to stay in one place when she poos and not walk and poo as she is accustomed to doing. Hmmmm!

New addition to the Family

Last Sunday, April 13th, 2008, Kaya was adopted from the local Humane Society. She is a Maltese, weighs between 6-8lbs, is 4 years old and has a lot of spunk. Though the vets had to remove 5 of her teeth, she is now able to eat all her food and is enjoying being introduced to new foods. She was a bit skinny when I got her because I could feel her ribs when I rubbed her sides. Initially when Yuki and Kaya met they seemed to hit it off right away and when I brought her home on Sunday it was like they were never apart.

Kaya is comfortable enough now that she is initiating play with Yuki and she is actually barking now. For almost two days she never barked. She was given up by her previous owners because they said that “she was jealous of the other dog and the children,” but I don’t find that she is that way at all. I guess different environment will bring out different actions. We are thrilled to have her living with us, this is her forever home. She was previously trained to go potty on newspaper or diaper pads in the bathroom, but in time I am sure she will go potty outside like Yuki.

My Dogster Page

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Well Mommy was this close to adopting a Maltese sister for me but lost out to some family in Orlando. Ah well more for me, right! :). I know the right sister is out there somewhere just waiting for me. We’ll keep looking.

We found and made a page featuring none other than ME! Check out my page at You can also check out all the other canine lovelies on the website but only after you have checked out MY page first :). I am still enjoying my new found shampoo, some kind of strawberry milk-bath shampoo. It leaves me smelling wonderful and the cologne that mom sprays on me after I am all clean and dry allows me to smell great for a whole week. I like my bath time and all but I still don’t like having my hair up in a top knot. I know my hair is long but I like it in my face, it makes me feel free. Mommy puts it up so that my hair doesn’t get in my food or water but that doesn’t bother me.

Have a great weekend. Until next time…..woof!