How we take care of Yuki

Let me just say this upfront, first and foremost – if you want a Maltese dog, then please, please be prepared to take absolute great care of them! I say this because these dogs absolutely demand your attention at all times (unless they don’t want to be bothered).

Yuki is our Maltese dog and we love him dearly. Since we have no children at present, Iwe can afford to give him all our attention. Yuki is SPOILED and yes that is both our fault so no complaints here. As I said in my last post, Yuki was my 2006 christmas present. He was nine months old then and though he came to me being potty trained, we were still concerned with him going in the house since it was a new environment. Luckily, we did the best thing for him bytaking him out for bathroom breaks at the same time daily and worked our way up to where he is today.

My husband and I have opposing schedules which makes it quite easy for Yuki. Here is a rundown of a typical Yuki day with my husband in the am and me in the pm. The morning begins with taking Yuki out the minute hubby has done his morning ritual and come downstairs for breakfast; then Yuki gets his vitamin tablet and something to eat – this usually depends on how late he ate the night before. After that depending on his mood, it’s playtime for him. Around 11am – 12noon, hubby and Yuki go back to bed and just before hubby leaves for work between 1:30pm – 2:00pm, Yuki gets another potty break and maybe a treat to tide him over until I come home around 5:30pm – 6:30pm. As soon as I come home I take Yuki out for his potty break, groom him, feed him, then I can do my own personal evening ritual. I am home with him until the day begins all over again. On the weekends, I am home so Yuki gets to go outside as often as he wants and I do try to keep the same schedule as his weekday schedule with the only difference being his bath.

Yuki is now 1 year and 10 months and so far there have had no problems. Hubby and I take very good care in grooming Yuki since we want his hair to grow as long as possible. I am told that he is mixed with chihuahua hence his brown spots but for sure his entire features, mood and disposition is all Maltese. Yuki is vey loving and caring and always wants to be wherever I am. I do my best to dedicate a weekend a month to him to take him out shopping. I do this because he loves to be outdoors even though he has grass allergies (according to the vet). I always have a wonderful time with Yuki, he keeps me laughing and on my toes.

Another thing to be aware of is the Maltese diet. Since Yuki is a picky eater, it has taken me some time to figure out exactly what he will eat and sometimes I still find myself trying to trick him into eating what I have prepared. The only processed food that Yuki gets is the Beneful Prepared Meals, all his other food is cooked by us. I know that Yuki loves lamb so I try to give it to him often though I break up his food choices with giving him chicken or beef, mashed potatoes, sweet carrots, green peas, and even rice (white or brown). I do not give him corn since he itches a lot after eating corn and doesn’t digest it well. Occasionally once Yuki has had his bath and before I take him for his walk, I dress him in a t-shirt or tank top. I found that doing this saves his coat from getting overly smothered with dirt and dust and keeps his coat clean and smooth until his next bath. Also putting on the t-shirt seems to keep him calm and serene. I am not sure if it is because he feels warm but it works.

Please do not give a Maltese to a child as a gift because it is cute or to teach the child responsibility – that in itself is irresponsible. The Maltese dog requires a sensible, mature person to care for them at all times. I have seen and heard too many times what happens to these dogs when no one wants to be bothered to care for them. Though it seems like a lot, we look forward to taking care of our Maltese Yuki; it is easy and fun for us. We know we are responsible for a life and he depends on us especially since he is unable to speak a language we can fully understand. Yuki is smart and easy to direct though at times he has his own way of interpreting what you mean. BTW, Yuki still pees when he is overly excited!