Kaya and Yuki’s First Christmas Together

>It is evident from the photo that Kaya’s inner covergirl has come out to play. For that I am supremely thankful. I know that she’s extremely happy and has taken quite well to bossing Yuki and the humans around. She seems to know just what to do to make us laugh or smile. Though she’s still getting used to having different people around, at the moment, she only prefers to let her guard down once Yuki is friendly with the human, otherwise she’ll voice her displeasure.

Hubby is responsible for praising her whenever she uses the pad. Now that she understands what all the hoopla is about, she will find you and demand to show you what she has done. Her joy is just too infectious to deny. Next year my covergirl will be 4 years old. My how time flies when you are indeed having fun!

Ah Yuki, my calm, adorable pooch! Such a lover. He constantly demands to be in my lap so that he can be massaged, his favourite. Of course what do I do, I give in. I don’t have the heart to tell him no especially when he turns the full power of those big eyes on you. Watching him play with Kaya is always a treat since he seems to know when to let her boss him around and when to show her who’s boss. A very comical site to say the least. Yuki is still the protector though he’s been known to hand over the reigns to Kaya now and then. Next year he’ll be 3 years old and I don’t know if he’ll become more independent or continue to be the lover that he is. Either way, I think I’ll be okay.

By now dear reader, you should know that my dogs mean the world to me! I would and have done anything and everything in my power to make sure that they’re living their best lives possible. While I do pamper my dogs and spoil them just a bit, I do my very best to not go overboard. But hey, when they both turn on the full power of their charm and shine those eyes on you who am I to deny them! Sigh.