Cover Girl

So Kaia has become quite the cover girl. Who knew that she would actually sit still long enough for you to take her picture. The attached shot is proof of her patience for the photographer and her knack of ‘giving good face’. A true cover girl if I do say so myself.

She has come a long way from when we first adopted her. She is eating well, taking direction well, she still does not like too many people so she barks telling them to keep their distance, she is doing well with potty training and the only thing I can complain about is her breath, woo. I will be buying C.E.T for her and definately taking both her and Yuki to the vet this weekend for a check up even though she got a clean bill of health about two weeks ago but that was from the vet that the humane society used. For my peace of mind I am taking her to a real vet who will no doubt give me the true diagnosis.

Yuki and Kaia are still getting along like two peas in a pod though at times she tries to control him and barks when she doesn’t get her way but what female doesn’t?