Sick Kaya

Kaya on the mend

Photo courtesy: © 2011-2020 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.


Typically, whenever either of my dogs are ill I get frantic especially if I cannot figure out the problem. It was no different when my beloved Kaya fell ill last night. My husband first noticed her digging & licking the carpet a bit and called out to her to stop. When she did and came closer to me, I realized that she was licking her lips with more vigor than usual. Immediately I became concerned and turned to hubby for assistance. At first I thought she was eating something so I opened her mouth to inspect but found nothing. Then her demeanor changed. She became really quiet and a bit fearful so I picked her up and she grabbed on to me for dear life. My adrenaline kicked in. I whisked her downstairs where I used pet mouthwash to clean her mouth. That helped temporarily.

I cleaned her face and comb her hair – yes it’s hair not fur on Maltese dogs. Still I noticed that she refused to keep her usual still self during the mini grooming and became concerned again. My husband came downstairs to investigate and watch her while I tended to something else. Suddenly she burped loudly, something we’ve never heard her do before. Hubby thought she had gas but I wasn’t convinced even though she seemed better. A short while later, he came running to me with something in his hand; it was a hairball and from Kaya’s throat no less. More than surprised, I was relieved because she was now her 100% self. I never knew that dogs could cough up hairballs. Then again she is always licking herself. It’s back to medicine to stop the licking for her and Yuki. Crisis averted, now I can breathe.

Together & Still Loveable

Yuki & Kaia relaxing together

Photo courtesy: © 2011 Chelle Ang. All rights reserved.

This is Kaia’s first Christmas with us and for sure it will not be the last. Yuki & Kaia are closer than ever and the love between them is evident. They’re fiercely protective of each and their humans. We love them dearly and can’t imagine being without either of them.