Kaya’s 5th Birthday!

Yesterday marked Kaya’s 5th birthday and her first year with her new family. My how she has grown and blossomed into a calm, loving, playful and bossy animal. She can usually be found bossing Yuki around or barking furiously at passersby letting them know that if they want to pass again they should seek permission. The picture above, to the left, is what she looks like today and this picture, below, is what she looked liked when I first brought her home. What a difference a year makes!

I remember when I brought her home how she ran to greet Yuki as if she missed him. They met the day before at the local Humane Society and immediately clicked and are still the best of friends and protectors of each other today. I had to teach Kaia how to walk on grass, concrete, go potty outside and in general learn to go for walks outside with Yuki. Each time I did something with or for Yuki, I made sure she was involved. My husband fell in love with her the moment he saw her so she is in essence his dog and Yuki is mine but we don’t make line of demarcation claims on the dogs, they just belong to both of us period. I love her like I love Yuki and each day I am thankful that it was I who adopted her.

Kaya has become accustomed to a life of luxury and being spoiled. We cook all their meals since she will not eat dry kibble and oh boy have I tried all the brands out there. The only one she liked was Innova Evo but only for a while. I find that cooking for them is easier and cheaper since they get boiled chicken, rice, peas and carrots all mixed together for their daily meals. I bought a cookbook for dogs and made baked beef treats for them which they love. Since Yuki is allergic to corn, it makes him itch, I decided that by cooking for them, I am better able to monitor what goes into their meals and into their bodies. I get peace of mind and satisfaction that my dogs are healthy and happy. Kaya is a wonderful addition to our household but she is still afraid of lightning, then again, who isn’t!

New addition to the Family

Last Sunday, April 13th, 2008, Kaya was adopted from the local Humane Society. She is a Maltese, weighs between 6-8lbs, is 4 years old and has a lot of spunk. Though the vets had to remove 5 of her teeth, she is now able to eat all her food and is enjoying being introduced to new foods. She was a bit skinny when I got her because I could feel her ribs when I rubbed her sides. Initially when Yuki and Kaya met they seemed to hit it off right away and when I brought her home on Sunday it was like they were never apart.

Kaya is comfortable enough now that she is initiating play with Yuki and she is actually barking now. For almost two days she never barked. She was given up by her previous owners because they said that “she was jealous of the other dog and the children,” but I don’t find that she is that way at all. I guess different environment will bring out different actions. We are thrilled to have her living with us, this is her forever home. She was previously trained to go potty on newspaper or diaper pads in the bathroom, but in time I am sure she will go potty outside like Yuki.