Dogs pick up on Human emotions

Contrary to popular belief, dogs can and do pick up on human emotions. This past weekend, I was feeling sad and my beloved Yuki stayed especially close to me. Is he in tune to me and my feelings? I say a resounding YES on that one. Yuki was kind enough to give me space even though he was near to me. Case and point – I was in the tv room on the sofa and he crawled to his favorite spot under the sofa and enjoyed one of his favorite pass time, sleeping. In this way, he gave me space but stayed close to me.

All weekend it seemed as if Yuki tried to cheer me up and he did in his own way. We shopped, played and slept and all the while he kept the mood light. I laughed and laughed and soon what I was sad about became a distant memory. Even this morning, while I was getting ready for work, Yuki came into the room to let me know he was up but I also believe it was to check on me (he normally isn’t up when I am leaving for work in the mornings).

I believe that our emotions do affect our dogs which is why I feel it is important for us to get a handle on them. Too much pressure is put on our dogs to comfort us in our time of need, and yes I know that dogs do go through their own set of emotions but they do look to us for comfort and help. If we are emotional wrecks, then how can we help our dogs when they need us most? Simply put, I believe that a happy owner will have a happy dog.

Throughout our lives, our dogs become our constant companions and though we might not understand them at times, believe me, they are there for us and will go through all our trials and tribulations with us without even so much as a question. Take care of your pets and they will surely take care of you.