My Passion for Dogs

As a child I have always had dogs that eventually grew old with us and died. My first dog was named Rex, and after he was hit by a car going way too fast, he later died. Then my second dog was named Fidel Castro and when one of his hind legs became injured, it seemed that he succumed to his injuries and died. Though if you ask my mother she will tell you that she firmly believes that he was poisoned. From my memory though, both dogs were the best. They were loveable, kind and always looked out for me. They were there through all my many tears since I lived in a time when it was ok to discipline your child with a beating. Though I miss them, when I think of them I only have fond memories and I know that they are happy in doggie heaven.

Years later in my adulthood, I began to lament to my husband that I simply must have a dog but this time I wanted a small one and his constant comment was always no. So, imagine my utter surprise when in 2006 he surprised me with a Maltese dog. You see, this dog was owned by his niece but she was unable to continue to care for him so he was on his way to being given away to anyone that wanted him. my husband mentioned my desire to have a dog to his niece and I became the first choice to get the dog but as a precaution, there were others lined up in case I said no. When the dog was brought to our home on Christmas Eve he seemed so at peace that I was immediately smitten with him and knew he had to stay no matter what. Little did I know that everyone was watching my reaction to the dog very closely and when I suddenly announced that I simply must go to the store, they knew I was hooked. Upon my return with a new leash, collar, and meal plates for the dog (who was named Cookie), my dear husband yelled “Merry Christmas”, kissed me on the lips and promptly laid Cookie in my arms. Unbeknownst to me, nine month old Cookie was my Christmas gift.

I then set out on a quest to find another name for him as I thought he deserved a better name, he just didn’t look like a “Cookie” to me and besides, the dog was male. My love for all things Asian, prompted me to do some research and I eventually settled on the name YUKI which means “snow, lucky”. To me he represented both meanings well since his coat partly looks like snow and I feel lucky that he chose to stay with us. Since Yuki came to live with us, I have learned quite a lot
by immersing myself in books dedicated to his particular breed but most of all by watching him and learning his moods and traits. Best of all, I am not allergic to him because unlike other dogs his coat is hair and not fur, yipee!

NOTABLE MENTION: During one of my dog searches, I happened to find a website called and a blog on that site written by Glenn Close (the actress) called Lively licks. I have included a link to it on my page, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.