The absolute nerve of Dog Owners in Florida

What the heck is going on here? Do dog owners have no sense of responsibility? How can you consciously leave a pile of your dog’s shit on another person’s lawn? What you all just go around thinking of your selfish selves and disregard everyone else? That seems to be the premise here in Florida.

Most dog owners are only concerned with themselves and their animals even if it inconveniences their neighbour. Well I am here to tell you that that is downright nasty, selfish, and plum inconsiderate! I have a dog and I definately pick up his shit. I use a normal plastic shopping bag and have the decency to put it in the trash – what a novel idea? The next time I have to hose off my lawn so that my dog doesn’t have to come in contact with another dog’s shit, it’s going to be on, because quite frankly I am sick of it.

Funny how my dog and I are being watched by the homeowner’s association watchdog who never seems to notice other dog owners doing anything wrong! I’m waiting for her to make the simple mistake of confronting me with anything stupid so I can tell her where to put her snooping nose. Yes I know I’m ranting but I’m sick of the blatant disregard for personal space, which ironically, does include my front lawn even if there is no gate or fence to announce to the world that that little patch of grass does belong to me and my dog. Damn it, when will people in Florida learn!