Three Month Review

July 17th, 2008 officially marks three months that Kaia has been with us. She is totally at ease and knows her way around the place. She still doesn’t like children or strangers and constantly barks when she is outside, but that is okay with us.

She still gets startled easily so that makes her bark especially when the neighbour slams their front door and it reverberates through our walls. She absolutely dislikes lightning because as soon as she hears it she runs and hide. She still follows me around but I don’t mind at least I know that she is comfortable with us.

Yuki and her are still best buds and are still growing ever so close to the point where they whine and cry if you seperate them. The even have to sleep close to each other (see photo) and that is absolutely a good thing. Of course if one barks the other one joins in but that’s okay too since you can never have too much security :).

Her potty training is coming along nicely and now she lets you know that she has done something on the pad as she comes to get you wiggling heavily and wagging her tail at a furious pace. There are still times when she completely misses the pad as she does walk and poo (go figure!) but more times than not she is right on the pad. Kaia is also getting the hang of going outside.

Yuki, on the other hand is so sweet and calm and he was quite taken with Kaia from the first introduction. At times he initiates play with her and if we have her in our arms and he wants to play he will whine for us to put her down. They seem very protective of each other and us. I keep Yuki’s hair long and I am trying to grow Kaia’s as well because we see no reason to shave them within an inch of their lives especially since they are single coat dogs and are mostly inside. I don’t have any problem bathing them, I enjoy it and so do they, after it is all done and they smell and look clean of course.

Yuki came to us already potty trained to go outside so he has continued to do so. Of course you know when something is ary since he won’t go to the area of the mishap and that is another way for me to know that there is something for me to clean up. I am glad that in their own way they are able to communicate and we are able to understand.

In this age of suing everyone for the slightest thing I have become more protective of my dogs as I will not let anyone that they are not used to approach them, especially children as they absolutely do not know how to greet or treat dogs. Why is it that people constantly ask me if the dogs bite? Don’t they know that all dogs have a tendency to bite no matter what!