New addition to the Family

Last Sunday, April 13th, 2008, Kaya was adopted from the local Humane Society. She is a Maltese, weighs between 6-8lbs, is 4 years old and has a lot of spunk. Though the vets had to remove 5 of her teeth, she is now able to eat all her food and is enjoying being introduced to new foods. She was a bit skinny when I got her because I could feel her ribs when I rubbed her sides. Initially when Yuki and Kaya met they seemed to hit it off right away and when I brought her home on Sunday it was like they were never apart.

Kaya is comfortable enough now that she is initiating play with Yuki and she is actually barking now. For almost two days she never barked. She was given up by her previous owners because they said that “she was jealous of the other dog and the children,” but I don’t find that she is that way at all. I guess different environment will bring out different actions. We are thrilled to have her living with us, this is her forever home. She was previously trained to go potty on newspaper or diaper pads in the bathroom, but in time I am sure she will go potty outside like Yuki.